Simulator B – HOTAS & Touch Screen

HOTAS stands for “Hands On Stick & Throttle” meaning that many of the aircraft functions can be controller by the pilot without removing their hands from the primary controls. This simulator can also be used for a wide variety of aircraft types, the Thrustmaster A10 Warthog control is modelled on the real life aircraft for feel and is licensed by the US Air Force with accuracy right down to the pressure required to press the buttons!

For those who prefer to fly the latest F-35 Lighenting aircraft, the touch screen allows realistic used of the Multi Function Display (MFD) which resembles the aircraft as closely as possible.

Note, that weapons are not available on the F-35

1 hour £49
Half & Full day hire – POA

Available Aricraft

  • F-35 Lightening & F-35B STVOL
  • BAE Hawk in a variety of liveries including RAF Red Arrows
  • Icon A5 amphibious sea plane
  • Spitfire
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